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Fall 2020

group project : STOP game

Working in groups of 3-4 people as per my Monday email, your job is to write a word guessing game.

I've posted a video demo of a version that I wrote. Here are a few examples of it in action : swifter, raccoon, grovels .

Yours does not need to look exactly like mine, but that's the concept.

You may use Zelle's graphics library to implement an interactive window with a drawing, if all of your team members have installed a version of python that allows that.

You can find a list of words online; google for example "unix word file".

You may divide up the work among yourself however you like - this is a team effort. (In, a discussion of that is most of Thursday's assingment.) Please do involve everyone on your team. Each of you should understand the whole program, regardless of which parts you contribute to.

You may ask other people including the tutors for hints and/or help; as I have said before, you must then explicitly put this into your submission as a source, as you would cite any book or online reference.

The due dates are

The final submission should include a discussion by each of you of what pieces you did and how the whole thing works. I'll put more specifics about what I want to see in the Oct 1 assignment.

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