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Fall 2020

Sol LeWitt Lab

First, read about Sol LeWitt's art. Browse through the MaSS MoCA images, and look at some of the instructions for the art works.

Your job is to create something like one of these using either Zelle's or Jim's .

The point of all this is to understand the ideas behind objects, methods, and and to be able to use them.

Your computer generated version may not look at all like the hand drawn ones. That's OK.

Here's a recipe of mine :

Many circles of varying colors, positions, 
and sizes on a square black wall. 

(I'll show this one as one of my solutions.)

Here are a some of Sol LeWitt's to consider :

Or create your own design. ;)


You can get random integers with randint. (Google "python randint" for the details.) For example, to get a random number from 0 to 255

from random import randint
red = randint(0, 255)

There are utility functions in both Zelle's and my to generate a color string from three (red,green,blue) values, where each is a number from 0 to 255.  : color = color_rgb(red, green, blue)   : color = color_rgb(red, green, blue)
               color = color_rbgt(red, green, blue, transparency)

You will probably want to think about coordinates and geometry ... both and let you decide what coordinates the lower left and upper right corner are.

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