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Welcome to the Fall 2020 Intro CS course.

I'll be posting notes here at least weekly to let you know what you should be doing each week, and to point you towards the other resources.

I'll also be making zoom videos of myself explaining some of the things that I would be saying in a face-to-face class, and having zoom sessions where you can ask questions and we can discuss the material.

All assignments and submitted work will be through this website. If for some reason you're having problems accessing it or something isn't working, email me, Jim Mahoney, at .



"Computing" is a big topic - see wikipedia's computing article for an overview of what it encompasses.

One of the central themes is "managing complexity", including documentation (writing down what we're doing) and tests (making sure things work). We'll be working on both of those this term.

Some of the areas are :

with roles like

All of these overlap but emphasize different skills and topics.

And these days lots of fields from photography to plumbing to dance to horseback riding use computers for various parts of their workflow - they're just a really powerful tool.

The aim of this course is to give you some foundations, theory and practice on how to use this tool.

a sample python program

Our vehicle to get this foundation will mainly be the python programming language.

Here's a bit of python code, just to show you the sort of thing we'll be doing.

We will of course see lots more examples of programs as we go along this semester.

what you should do to get going

first meetings

I will be holding zoom discussion and question sessions this week at

It would be great to see you all at some point this Tuesday Sep 1 either in the afternoon or evening ... even though we aren't going to have regular classes where we all meet at once during the term.

We will be using the same zoom "virtual room" all semester; check out the links to the left after you log in (top right) to this site with your Bennington credentials.

My current plan is to hold regular zoom discussion / question-and-answer time from 2:00pm to 5:00pm every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday ,and Friday, and to have office hours 6:00pm to 9:00pm Wednesday nights.

You do not need to come to all of these - the idea is to have enough that you can participate as you see fit to get ask questions and discuss what we're doing.

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