Fall 2020

Dec 11

Our last class.

Questions about anything?

Discuss my answers to HW7 .

And for those of you getting grades, here are some notes on my writeup grading rubric.

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term overview

So what have we done?

We've examined how programs run in a unix operating system, using the C programming language and x86 assembly in order to get a close look at some of the details.

Lots of other schools do a similar course with this textbook. Some sort of "computer architecture" course along these lines is a standard part of a recommended CS program

So ... there you are. 🙂



Today, C may be a lingua franca among programmers. This is its (abridged) history. (this week in Ars Technica)

“C was written to write Unix,” recalls Thompson, and “Unix was written for all of us to write programs.” /courses /fall2020 /systems /notes /dec11
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