Fall 2020

Dec 4

Changes to end of term :

Questions about anything?

new business

For our last topic ... network coding.

This is a huge topic. We'll just get an overview and see some examples. But it is the stuff that makes the world goes around these days, and so it's definitely worth understanding the basics.

I've posted the last weekly homework, HW7, due Tuesday.

Today and Tuesday I'll walk through the CMU lecture notes as way to get you going with this stuff, and do several demos of their code. (Most of the homework ask you to explore that same code.)

Demos :

Discussion? How much of this stuff have you folks seen in other courses?

new business

Just as a heads-up, I'm planning on setting some time at the end of our next meeting, on Tuesday, for your SEPC discussion, which Katrina can run after I log out.

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