Fall 2020

Nov 13

Questions about anything?


Where are we and what are we doing?

I'll post an explanation of the attack lab phases 1 - 4 tomorrow or so that you can compare with your work.

I've had some questions about course expectations, particularly "how much of the labs do I need to do"? Let's talk about this.

Coming up next :

We're skipping past some of the material in the CMU lectures & textbook ... just don't have time. (Though I may wave my hands over some of it today just for fun, you're not responsible for it.)

new stuff

... to take a look at by Tuesday. (Though I think in this case you're better of with the textbook - chap 6.)


... cool stuff that we don't have time to do more than wave at as it goes by. /courses /fall2020 /systems /notes /nov13
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