Fall 2021

Thursday Sep 9 - web hosting

First let's discuss the homework, sharing what you did and answering any questions.

aside: css preprocessors

Since Ons has uploaded a .scss and file, let's mention what they are : wikipedia: Sass_(stylesheet_language) : a language which can be compiled into .css, giving you more expressive power (such as variables and conditionals). There are several similar technologies in common use, Less and Stylus to name two.

The problem that they solve is that a .css file can get big, and may use the same color many times, or use distances calculated from other distances. There isn't a way built into css to let you specify those things once and/or calculate the other distances. The complication is that you now have an extra step before you can deploy your website: you write .scss, compile that into .css, and then upload the .css. Some setups automate these steps, and the cost of ... more complications. ;)

aside: index.html files

HTML & CSS topics and/or review



templates & examples


next week's assignment

... is posted.

Depending on time, I may walk through some web hosting & name registrar sites, which is also part of that assignment.

related topics

Be aware that this "how to deploy a website" stuff can start to turn into "back end development" and "system administration" stuff, depending on how far down the rabbit hole you go ...


Can you use your laptop as a public web server? Discus ... /courses /fall2021 /internet /notes /09-09
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