Fall 2021

Thu Sep 30

ajax, jquery, and all that

First let's discuss the work that you folks did this week .


Next let's start our next topic : frameworks.

Use the site to walk through some of the many technologies and front-end frameworks .

Discuss some of the "big-picture" ideas :


The current most popular framework is react.

We won't have time to do more than a shallow dive into this stuff - one or two weeks; we still have a lot of other topics to cover.

For this week, I suggest that you work through one of their turorials or one of the many examples , in order to understand how react apps work. We'll discuss a bit today, and continue on Monday.

I have two "hello world" examples for now, to get us started.

next steps

I haven't posted an assignment yet; let's discuss first what we want to do. I have three weeks for this & networking - we could do two weeks of this stuff, if we compress the networking ... but I want to leave time for the backend stuff (cgi + flask + sql).

I may also do a svelte demo. It's an alternative to react with similar functionality, which I think looks interesting. /courses /fall2021 /internet /notes /09-30
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