Fall 2021

Mon Oct 4

The assignment for this week has been posted ... essentially an invitation to work through a React or Svelte tutorial, and look at a small example enough to explain what's what.

react , svelte , vanilla - a toy example

I'll discuss a small react / svelte / vanilla example from Ashley Boucher . I've posted the files at share/js_frameworks/jim .

framework concepts

If a prop changes, a new component replaces the old one, essentially. In React, components with only props (no state) are "pure functions".

If a component has state, it has internal local variables, and is therefore an object. In React, it's a "class".

React and Svelte have their own system of updating components when something changes. This is the "lifecycle" of components, and is a core way of thinking about these types of programs, made up of different pieces that may change over time and which have various dependencies on other components and variables.

Motivating use case :

These technologies have become more important as the web has become more dynamic, and single page applications have become commonplace.


Several new-ish (to me anyway) syntax and tech I came across this week while playing around with this stuff.

coming next

One week of two weeks of this stuff ?

After this we'll be looking at some network stuff ... not coding so much as using some tools and applications to better appreciate the tech that underlies the client-server interaction. /courses /fall2021 /internet /notes /10-04
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