Fall 2021

Mon Nov 8

First : discuss homework ... cgi scripts & your work.

Second : security issues ... cross site scripting and "code injection" ... discuss.

Third : start SQL. Let's first learn what it is and how to use it, then later add it to our web scripts - CGI or PHP or Flask.

I've posted an assignment for this week that asks you to try some some SQL stuff.


I'll show you how to work with sqlite3 from the command line, using the attached computer_store.sql file from the wikibooks sql exercises.

topics to discuss :

what I did in class as an example

Showing how to to get name of products for a given company name - three ways.

$ sqlite3 computer_store.db
sqlite> SELECT Code FROM Manufacturers WHERE Name="Winchester";
sqlite> SELECT Name FROM Products WHERE Manufacturer=6;
Floppy disk
sqlite> SELECT Name FROM Products WHERE Manufacturer=(SELECT Code FROM Manufacturers WHERE Name="Winchester");
Floppy disk
sqlite> SELECT Products.Name
   ...> FROM Products JOIN Manufacturers
   ...> ON Manufacturer.Code = Products.Manufacturer
   ...> WHERE Manufacturers.Name = "Winchester";

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