Fall 2021

Thu Nov 18

How is your exploration of flask going?

sessions and authentication - live group coding

I thought that today we might try some group live coding. I asked you to look at a digitalocean flask blog tutorial, and showed a bit of that last time.

Today let's see if we can add a "login" feature to that code, including a "roll-our-own" session. I haven't done this yet, and my flask-fu is rusty ... so it'll be up to all of us to look into how these things works in flask.

Attached is a README.txt file that has an overview of some of the issues, and some ideas to get us started.

in class

We started but didn't finish; we'll continue Monday. The code that we're working on is flask_blog_authenticate_2021-11-19 in the protected/share/flask folder.

for next week

Start thinking about what you'd like to do for a frontend + backend project, and come to class ready to share an idea.

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