Fall 2021

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Mon Sep 6 - HTML, CSS, and all that

We'll go over the basics of creating a static website - editing a .html and .css file, and uploading those files and an image to this web server.

Which editor? Perhaps Atom or Sublime Text (both downloadable applications) or (within a terminal) nvim or emacs or nano .

Face with one raised eyebrow 🤨

A typical workflow: edit the .html and .css files on your local laptop, get whatever images you need, open with firefox. Then once things look OK, upload everything to the server. (However, note that the "load locally" may not work correctly later when we do javascript and other dynamic sites.)

First, here is a minimal HTML5 template

Then we'll look at a more complete example - a site about making static sites. 😊

We'll walk through some of the ideas on those sites, see where the conversation takes us, and leave you time to explore and help each other.

Coming next: web hosting, domain names, and all that.

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