Fall 2021

Thu Sep 16

discuss homework

Let's start by discussing your shared work for this week - deploying sites - domain names, navigation, and all that.

Your shared files are in share/a_bigger_static_site. The live sites are :

On the same topic, here's an old demo site of mine, though it's somewhat dated (xhtml 1.0, broken links, ...) which can also serve as a transition to our next topic : javascript.

javascript 101

I'd like to spend about the next three weeks or so looking at client-side web development : that means javascript, the DOM, and frameworks. There's a lot here ... but also a lot of other topics too.

I have links to resources, books, and all that on the resources page - please do browse through what's there.

First, an overview of background concepts and ideas first, so we're all on the same page.

Second, a few of my old examples .

So : what would be the most helpful next step?

the language


$ node
> a = {one:1, two:2}
{ one: 1, two: 2 }
> a['one']
> f = x => 2*x
[Function: f]
> f(10)
> b = {name:"An Object!", double: x => 2*x}
{ name: 'An Object!', double: [Function: double] }
'An Object!'
> b.double(3)
> c = {name: "this is c", get_name: function(){return}}
{ name: 'this is c', get_name: [Function: get_name] }
'this is c'
> c.get_name()
'this is c'

the DOM

"document object model" : tags in html can be treated like javascript objects with methods ... you can have various events (click, mouse over) trigger functions to change css or do other things.

assignment for next week

See if this sounds OK :

Make a web page that does something using javascript ... how much and what is up to you, depending on your background and experience. Use the time to explore (a) the language and (b) the DOM.

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