Fall 2021

Mon Nov 15

We're doing today's class in zoom with a recording again, because of the folks who can't be here because of covid protocols.

The assignment for this Thursday is posted. I've caught up with feedback, including a comment about grades for those of you signed up to get them.


Today we'll look at flask a bit further, starting to do a bit with the digital ocean tutorial that I've asked you to look at for this week's assignment . I've attached some notes of mine about setting it up.

Things to try:

term project

The end of the term is coming up fast :

      Mon   Thu
 Nov  15    18
      22    thanksgiving
      29     2
 Dec   6     9

I'd like to do just one more assignment, a term project due our last day of classes, Dec 9, with a first draft due Dec 2.

The idea is to create a web app with both back-end and front-end components, using flask + sqlite + javascript or something along those lines. It should have authenticated user logins, and some sort of "add things / see things" functionality - could be a site of recipes, or blog posts with comments, or user submitted images, or whatever.

Between now and then I'll come up with some readings on security and ads ... but the only thing to turn in will be this project.

And I've added a link to the zoom recording of today's class to the zoom videos page.


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