Fall 2021

Tuesday Sep 07

Welcome all.

Questions about anything before we get started?


If you're doing a project for this course (1 extra credit, 40 hours of work, shared/reviewed by others in this course), then (1) say so explicitly in the homework assignment that is due today (along with what you have in mind), and (2) before Friday, use the registrar's Add/Drop to sign up for a 1 credit "Coding Workshop Project" tutorial with me.

I've set aside a protected/share/projects folder over in the left menu we can organize that work, or at least the parts that are worth sharing.

Your first task should be to get organized and to write things down, namely

More on that end of things as I see who's doing what.


Let's discuss and go over the homework assignment due today.

Scavanger hunt

How did you go about things?


advent of code

OK, next I'd like to start working through some exercises from .

To start, let's do here right in class day 1 of 2017, in groups of two people.

You can either sign up and get your own individual account, which gives you your own personalized input files & yes/no checks for the matching answers, or use some of my input files.

If you get through that, other 2017 days I think we may do and discuss are (2, 4, 8, 9, 12, 19).

Pair up with someone, work on this for 20min or so, and we'll compare & discuss results.

for next week

I'll post homework for next week after I see how far we get today. /courses /fall2021 /coding /notes /09-07
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