Fall 2021

Tue Oct 5

project euler

Let's discuss a couple of the problems from that we decided to look at this week. I listed too way too many as I said last weekend in our slack channel; doing either or both of the first two is fine.

We'll look at some of our work over in share/projecteuler .

exercises in style

I've decided that we should spend at least two weeks on the Crista Lopes' "Exercises in Programming Style" - there's some interesting material there worth exploring.

Check out

where I've collected links to her book, a video talk where she explains the project, the programming task (finding word frequency counts in a text file, ignoring punctuation and trivial works), a github repo with 41 various programming styles solving that task, and code that does something similar from my Intro CS course last year.

Your mission this week : /courses /fall2021 /coding /notes /10-05
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