Fall 2021

Tue Oct 19

Today: discuss some of the various "exercises in style" variations.

Aside: ; debugged ... since my counts were a bit off. (And how-did-i-debug-it report.)

This week: study at least two other styles, and come to class next week ready to explain & discuss.

Optional: pick one of the similar tasks described in the prolog, and implement in one of those new styles - different than what you did for the first task.

To be decided: would you like to spend more time with this material? How many of you have found access to the book? (Recommended.)

Or move on to a group project ... I'm thinking "Game of Life" in groups of about 3 people; an app with a user interface in a technology of your choice.

We'll decide next time.


Due next week : a short (5min) presentations (where-I-am-so-far with plans and/or code and/or screenshots) .

2nd half of class : SEPC discussion /courses /fall2021 /coding /notes /10-19
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