Fall 2021

Tue Sep 28

I forgot to put a place to submit work for today ... oops. Some of you have added to last week's work page, which is fine. Please leave me a note on the assignment page for today, pointing me towards what you worked on this week.


General comments from looking at (most of) your work :

As you're doing these, you should also be trying to write clean code with docstrings and tests, getting into the habits of good coding practice.

Each language has its own conventions and utilities for documentation (at least input and output parameter types and description) and testing ... learning those expectations is part of learning to code.

(OK, I'll get off the soapbox.)


Let's look at Norvig's Day 19 maze code, since that was not a popular choice, and there are some interesting ideas in there.


What should we do next? And on into the rest of the term?

Some choices (we don't have time for all of these) :

Which approach has been most useful to you and/or would you like to see more of?

Calendar :

 due date
 Sep 07        fizzbuzz
     14        advent of code 1   
     21        advent of code 2
     28        advent of code 3
 Oct 05      
               --- long weekend between 1st & 2nd seven weeks --
     26                                   project progress report
 Nov 02      
     30                                   project poster
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